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Terms of useTerms and conditions of using Freelug.

Terms of Service


Article 1 [Purpose]

These terms and conditions shall be governed by Smile System Co. (hereinafter referred to as “Company”), luggage delivery service “FREELUGG” (hereinafter referred to as “Service”), and customers utilizing the service (hereinafter referred to as “customers”) for the purpose of delivery and to define the limits of liability.



Article 2 [Terminology]

1. "Contract" refers to the contract between the Company and the Customer for delivery service on the day of travel.

2. "Reservation" refers to the customer's service request which can be verified by the company's computer records.

3. "Travel luggage" refers to the goods such as travel luggage that the customer entrusts to the company.

4. "Destination" refers to the place of destination (accommodation, airport, or place mutually negotiated between the company and the customer) requested to the company when the customer makes a reservation to use the service.

5. "Accommodation" refers to the location of accommodation reserved by the customer such as hotel, guesthouse, etc.

6. "Counter" refers to the location of operation in the airport terminal where the Company receives and/or returns customers’ luggage.


Article 3 [Reservation]

1. The customer is responsible for providing the company with the information necessary for transportation.

2. Customers must fill out the form according to the online reservation system on the company website and the reservation will only be valid after payment has processed. In addition, depending on the destination of the luggage, one of the following two will be applicable.

When reservation is made to have luggage received at airport counter for delivery to accommodation, online reservation will only be valid when made by 14:00 KST for desired day of service.

When reservation is made to have luggage picked up from accommodation for delivery to airport counter, online reservation will only by valid when made by 24:00 KST in advance of desired day of service.

3. When making an in-person (offline) reservation, the request will only be valid when made by visiting the counter at Incheon International Airport by 14:00 on the desired day of service. Reservation for delivery from accommodation to airport counter is not possible. (If the Company has a mutual agreement with the place of accommodation for taking reservations, then customers’ reservations made through their accommodation is valid.)    

4. After online reservation, customers must provide their luggage by the following time.

When reservation is made to have luggage received at airport counter for delivery to accommodation, luggage must be received by the counter by 14:00 KST on the desired day of service.

When reservation is made to have luggage picked up from accommodation for delivery to airport counter, it must be at the accommodation front desk by 09:00 KST (or if there is a mutual agreement with the Company and the place of accommodation, it will be according to the check-out time).  

In the event that the customer's luggage is not received by the scheduled time, all damages incurred will be borne by the customer and refund or cancellation will not be permitted. However, if customer’s delay is due to force majeure, the Company will cooperate to find another method to deliver luggage to customer; all costs incurred will be the responsibility of the customer.

5. Before requesting a reservation, customers must confirm the terms and conditions, must confirm and agree upon all the terms and conditions for the reservation to be valid. The Company has an obligation to explain, orally or in written form (online booking website, etc.) about the important terms and conditions to the customer.

6. Request for change is only possible before 12:00 on the day of requested service. If request for change is submitted after 12:00 on the day of service, the Company is not liable for delay or failure to provide service.

7. In the event of where delivery is difficult due to force majeure including natural disaster, war, etc. the Company can unilaterally cancel or change the reservation.  

8. If a customer makes a reservation through their accommodation, the name of the guest at the place of accommodation and the name in the reservation for delivery service must be the same. The customer will be held responsible in the case the two names are different and service cannot be provided, resulting in a delay in delivery or the luggage becoming misplaced.


Article 4 [Regulations on Baggage]

1.The standard baggage cannot exceed 25kgs, and the sum of three sides cannot exceed 170cm.

2. The customer must make sure that the luggage bag is completely closed. The Company shall not be held liable for any loss or accidental loss caused by the negligence of the customer.

3. If the Company discovers an unopened luggage bag and closes it, the Company is not be liable for damages that may occur.

4. The customer must fill out the required forms when requesting luggage delivery service. The Company may request a passport or other identification for verification, if the customer cannot prove that he or she is the legitimate owner, delivery and release of the luggage may be restricted.

5. The Company only transports luggage that matches the item and quantity that was entered at the time of the reservation to the destination. If the information does not match up, the Company may refuse to provide delivery of the luggage bag(s).

6. The Company reserves the right to refuse luggage that exceeds the max. amount the Company provides liability for. Preliminary agreement must be reached between the Company and the customer. If the customer voluntarily requests the transportation of expensive travel goods without prior consent, the company shall be liable only for the maximum compensation provided for damages of 500,000 KRW.  


7. The Company may refuse carriage for items that contain or are considered similar to the items specified below. Our Company is not liable for accidents that occur during the transportation of items that have not been previously agreed upon.

1) Expensive precious metals, high valued goods (gold, jewelry)

2) Cash and securities (all types of checks and documents)

3) Dangerous goods

4) Hazardous goods

5) Perishable goods

6) Foul-smelling goods

7) Flammable chemicals or psychotropic substances

8) Electronic equipment, personal pc, notebook (digital camera, iPad, mobile phone, etc.)

8. Failure to present the confirmation letter issued at the time of commissioning may result in the refusal of luggage return. If at the time of reservation, the customer requests a person other than themselves to pick up the luggage, the Company is not liable for any damages incurred after release of the luggage.  


Article 5 [Fees and Payment]

1. Service charges are provided on the website.

2. Rates for services may change in the future and will be announced on the website 15 days prior to any scheduled changes.

3. Payment can be made by electronic payment at the time of booking or by cash, card and electronic payment at the airport during pick up/drop off at the airport.


Article 6 [Liability and Indemnity]

1.     In case of loss or damage of luggage due to negligence of the Company, the Company shall be liable for damages up to 500,000 KRW as follows:



Lost in transit

Completely damaged

Partial damage

Minor damage


Cannot be located

Cannot be repaired or restored

Missing wheel, broken handle, broken lock, broken zipper, deep scratches on exterior affecting appearance, dents, etc.

Minor scratches, abrasions, creases, general wear and tear, stains, etc. (The same as airlines handling process)

Limit (KRW)






2.     In case of delays caused by negligence of the Company, the Company shall provide delivery of the luggage to the location of the customer's request through the fastest possible means. The company will provide compensation of up to 500,000 KRW to cover loss incurred by customer.


Within 2 hrs

Within 5 hrs

Within 24 hrs

Within 48 hrs

48 hours~ time of departure 

Limit (KRW)







3. In the event a customer’s bag is lost or damaged, the customer must provide written documentation within 10 days of delivery date. The Company shall not be liable for any lost or damage not reported to the Company within 10 days of delivery date.

4. The Company shall not be held liable for damages and/or delay of luggage that are not the Company's responsibility.

1) Aircraft delays

2) Actions by public institutions

3) Criminal act by others

4) Government regulation

5) Transportation strikes or other labor disputes

6) War, military action, or police action

7) Terrorism

8) Riot

9) Destruction of traffic facilities due to natural disasters

10) Other natural disasters

11) Customer's mistake

5. No compensation shall be provided for damage or missing contents in luggage.

6. If there is a possibility for contents to become damaged or lost, the customer must report it in advance. Depending on the contents, delivery service may be restricted.

7. Compensation Limit

- Any damage incurred as a result of the luggage exceeding the maximum allowance weight (25kg or more) or exceeding 170cm in size will be excluded from receiving compensation.

- Damage and loss of goods accompanying luggage are excluded from compensation.

- Minor scratches, abrasions, creases, general wear and tear during normal handling are excluded from compensation.

- If the Company has taken all necessary measures to prevent damage or proves that it was unable to take action due to force majeure.

- If contents in luggage were not listed properly, it may be excluded from receiving compensation.

8. Company's Responsibilities In the event of delayed shipment of luggage, if the customer is boarding the aircraft without luggage, the Company shall use the fastest means to transport luggage to the customer’s destination.

9. Request for both delay compensation and loss compensation are not permitted. The higher amount of the two will be selected and the maximum amount the Company shall provide compensation for cannot exceed 500,000 KRW.  


Article 7 [Refund Policy]

In the event of a delay in departure due to force majeure such as natural disasters or the like, it is possible to receive a refund of the service fee if the customer notifies the Company immediately of the cause. However, if the customer requests the cancellation of the carriage after the Company has already completed the carriage of the luggage to the location requested by the customer, he/she cannot receive a refund.  


Article 8 [Handling of Luggage]

1. You must visit the airport counter during operation hours. The Company shall not be held responsible for any problems that arise if not otherwise.


Airport Counter

Incheon Int’l Airport Terminal 1

Incheon Int’s Airport Terminal 2

Gimpo Airport






24 hours

24 hours



2. If the luggage is not picked up within a month, the customer gives his/her right of the luggage and the Company may dispose of the luggage.

3. Picking up luggage at your accommodation must be done during check-in, refer to your accommodation’s check-in time and regulations. The Company shall not be liable for any problems that arise if not otherwise.

4. When dropping of luggage at your place of accommodation, it must be done before 9:00am. If luggage is dropped off after 9:00am, service will not be available, and no refund will be provided. (However, if prior arrangements have been made and an additional delivery fee was paid by the customer, delivery service to desired destination may be available.)

5. The Company shall not be held responsible for any problems that occur outside of normal business hours. The Company shall cooperate to provide service to customers during business hours.  

6. In the circumstance the customer fails to submit the destination for the luggage to be delivered before departure, the Company shall deliver luggage to the customer’s residence. In this case, any expenses incurred shall be borne by the customer and an agency fee of 10,000KRW will be charged for the service.


▣ Article 9 [Competent Court]

The courts, in the jurisdiction of the Company’s headquarters, shall have exclusive jurisdiction should disputes arise between the Company and its customers.


▣ Article 10 [Enforcement of Terms]

These terms and conditions shall be effective as of March 5, 2019.