Customer Support

Customer Support

FAQPlease check FAQ.

QWhich currency can I use for payment?

QDo you also have a service to deliver the luggage to the customer's house?

QDo you issue a form of receipt when we request for the delivery?

QCan I use the service without an online reservation?

QHow long would it take to deliver my luggage to hotel?

QWhat are the products that cannot be in my luggage?

QCan I pick up my luggage in other places apart from my hotel (Seoul Station or other landmarks, etc.)?

QDo you offer the service for non-hotel accommodations (Ex. Airbnb, guesthouse, etc)?

Q Is my hotel available for the service? (anywhere in Seoul)

QCan I make a group reservation?

QCan I also keep small bags (handbag, backpack, etc.)?

QCan I also keep my coat?

QWhat time is your customer support open?

QI lost my confirmation receipt (storage receipt).

QMy luggage didn't arrive at the hotel or airport at the designated time. What should I do?

QHow do I change my order?

QWhat time do you close the reservation? (From hotel to the airport)

QWhat time do you close the reservation? (From the airport to hotel)

QCan I still use the service when I don't speak Korean at all?

QI cannot search my hotel from your reservation page.